Do you work at a public radio station?

Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th June 2008

I often hear from public radio folks who love The Sound of Young America. Rarely, though, are they the ones who make the programming decisions. Those people have usually never heard of The Sound of Young America. More typically the people who who contact me are cub reporters, associate producers and other strivers.

A couple weeks ago, I met a guy who works at a major public radio station (that does not carry TSOYA). He told me all about how at this station, there are lots of TSOYA fans, and they all wish the station carried the show. So I made him an offer: go back to your station, and find out who’s a fan of the show. I would give each of these people a free TSOYA t-shirt, as long as they would wear it to work and talk about the show when people looked at them funny.

This was a great success. Right now, there are eight or ten people walking around this major station in TSOYA shirts. Hopefully the program director is noticing.

So: do you work at a public radio station? If you do, I will give you a free t-shirt. All you have to do is send Chris the intern an email with your mailing address (at the station), shirt size and a promise to wear the shirt to work. His email is chris at

It’s that easy.

Ready, steady… GO!