DJ Quik flips a sample.

Posted by Maximum Fun on 26th May 2009

I can promise you that this won’t become an All Quik All The Time blog, but I was fascinated by a piece in Urb which found the source sample for a track off of DJ Quik and Kurupt’s upcoming record.

Here’s the song, “Hey Playa”:

You’ll notice it’s built around two key samples — a little horn riff, and a Moroccan singer, who provides most of the song’s melody.

So where did Quik find that Moroccan song? Was it in a dusty record shop in Exotic Istanbul? Nope, it was from the Travel Channel, and a show called “Bizarre Foods.”

Of course, the last time Quik made headlines sampling from the TV, it was for Truth Hurts’ 2002 hit “Addictive.”

For that track, Quik sampled this Hindi track, Thoda Resham Lagta Hai by Lata Mangeshkar:

Quik said he didn’t clear the sample because he didn’t know the origin of the song — he’d recorded it off of his TV while watching a Bollywood movie on the Indian channel. Of course, that didn’t fly for the copyright holders, who waited for “Addicted” to become a huge hit, then sued Quik, Truth Hurts and their record company, Aftermath, for a quajillion dollars.

So, did Quik do his legal homework this time? Will a random Moroccan guy in a restaurant somehow find out about this and sue his pants off?

Can anyone identify the song the Moroccan guy is playing?