MaxFun Dinner Party Flyer

Dinner Party and Standup Showcase! Money Stuff!

It’s the second week of our four-week long MaxFunDrive – thank you all for being so generous with your money, time and love! Here are some updates about our next two livestreams for charity, plus some specifics about how exactly memberships help MaxFun and our shows.

Posted by Stacey Molski on 20th July 2020

It’s the second week of our four-week long MaxFunDrive and you folks have all knocked our socks off with your support! We’re starting this week off with 12,320 new and upgrading members!  It means the world to us that during a time when there is a LOT happening in life, folks still find room in their budget and life to support the stuff they love. Thank you so much for your generosity (both to folks giving money and to folks giving their time and love!)

While we don’t have a new and upgrading goal this year (nobody needs that extra pressure!), we will be doing a pin sale for all current $10+ members. More info on that later in the Drive! Now here are a couple of updates for this week:

Livestreams for charity!

Every week, join us for a livestream event featuring a variety of hosts, with proceeds benefiting charitable organizations. Saturday’s Pub Trivia with John Hodgman and Chuck Bryant raised over $5,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative! (If you’re a $5 monthly member, we just added video of this to the bonus content page in case you weren’t able to join us.) Thanks to everyone who played for making that possible!

MaxFun Dinner Party on July 24!

Back in the beforetimes, we assembled a special MaxFun Family Cookbook to thank the 2018 $20 new/upgrading #MaxFunDrive members. We figured now might be a nice time to share some of these recipes with everybody, so we put together a very abridged version for the general public. Feel free to share that version with anyone who you think might enjoy it. We also added a 10-recipe version to the bonus content just for members (please don’t share that one), plus some MaxFun-themed video conferencing backgrounds!

To go along with these recipes, we’re hosting a MaxFun Dinner Party on July 24 at 4pm PT and we’d like YOU to join us! Bring your friends – everybody’s welcome! Your hangout hosts for the evening are Biz Ellis (One Bad Mother), Drea Clark (Who Shot Ya?), Dan McCoy (The Flop House), Hal Lublin (We Got This with Mark and Hal, Tights & Fights), and Renee Colvert (Can I Pet Your Dog?). The event is pay-what-you-want and we’ll be donating proceeds to Meals on Wheels.

Standup Showcase on July 31!

Next Friday, July 31 at 4pm PT we’re hosting a Standup Showcase featuring MaxFun hosts and comedians Jackie Kashian (The Jackie & Laurie Show), Laurie Kilmartin (The Jackie & Laurie Show), Helen Hong (Go Fact Yourself), Ify Nwadiwe (Who Shot Ya?), Dave Hill (Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident), Manolo Moreno (Dr. Gameshow), and Danielle Radford (Tights & Fights). Tickets are $5 (though you can opt to donate more) and all proceeds go to benefit Trans Lifeline. Join us for some laughs for a good cause!

Check out our calendar for a list of all events, like the We Got This Clean Slate Live coming up tomorrow and the Who Shot Ya? Watchalong on Saturday!

Boost feature is available!

We mentioned boosting and gift memberships a few weeks ago, and some folks have been asking about them so I wanted to give you a quick update. These features haven’t been rolled out yet, but we plan to release them throughout the four-week drive. We spent some time late last night (when not as many folks are accessing our website) working on getting the boost feature up, and we’ll be doing that again tonight. We’ll definitely keep you posted on when these become available!

How your membership helps

Small version of infographic

We put together a little infographic that shows how your membership helps Maximum Fun and the shows you love. Here is what it looks like tiny. If you’re interested in knowing how all the money stuff works, please check out the normal-sized version! It’s important to us to keep our shows free so everyone can enjoy them, and our members contribute monthly because they know a lot of folks aren’t able to. (If that’s you, we totally understand! Here are a bunch of free ways to get involved!) Thank you so much for being a part of the community!

Share your member stories

Please continue emailing in your stories about why you became a member or what you like about being a member. You can also calling (347) 762-9386 if you’d like to leave a voice message. They might be used on a show or in some social media posts! Thank you again – we appreciate you!

Keep an eye on our Twitter,  Facebook, and Instagram (psst, did you check out the What MaxFun Show Are You filter?) for more updates throughout the week and I’ll see your inboxes again next Monday! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. Please keep spreading the word by using #MaxFunDrive and in your tweets and posts!