Devin the Dude in Mass Appeal

Posted by Maximum Fun on 15th June 2006

Devin the Dude is my favorite rapper. I’ve never heard someone who’s more true to himself on record — I feel about him the way some people feel about Tupac. He’s got an easy charm, and almost all of his songs are about either girls or weed, and none of them are mean.

Listener X Amount sends us a link to a great interview with Devin in Mass Appeal. He talks about being with his wife for 14 years, and about his game:

What’s your game like? How do you approach women?

Back in the day, of course.
Back in the day, I was a smooth mo’fucka! [Hyena laughter.] I’d try to be kind hearted and honest without being a pushover.

Where did you get your game?
Dolemite! My uncle Terry used to have me tag along with him, serenade his girlfriends and shit. They’d have me sing Shalamar songs, just smile and hug me, big kiss. I was like, I get more of this if I sing? Dang.

Even better, he speaks on his record collection:

What would most surprise people in your stacks?
Paul Simon. All of Paul’s shit is cool to me; his voice is just so smooth, just like James Taylor. My favorite music is probably ’70s light rock.