Demetri Martin Lands Dreamworks Film Deal

Posted by Maximum Fun on 29th March 2006

Comic Demetri Martin (who recently became the Daily Show’s “Trend Spotting” correspondent) is continuing his string of successes. He just sold a pitch to Dreamworks… per Variety:

DreamWorks has found its way with “Will,” acquiring the pitch from comic/scribe Demetri Martin.
Comedic story centers on an ordinary guy who has settled into a typical life with a job and family. After waking up one day and resolving to no longer live an average life, he sets out on a journey to fulfill his hidden potential. Martin will take a key supporting role.
Scot Armstrong, who penned “Old School” and “Road Trip” for DreamWorks, is closing a deal to be executive producer on the project. Martin pitched the idea to both Steven Spielberg and studio head Adam Goodman; latter took it off the market right away.

Bully for you, Mr. Martin.

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