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David Cross is 100% in the right.

Posted by Maximum Fun on 2nd January 2008

David Cross is one of the funniest guys in the country, and he’s absolutely, positively 1000% correct about it being completely reasonable for him to have taken a role in Alvin & the Chipmunks. Anyone bitching about him having done so should get a life. As Cross notes, he makes a good but modest living and lives in the world’s most expensive place. He deserves the money he gets for appearing in dumb projects like Alvin, and the only way I’d even be slightly bothered is if he was starring in and wrote it or something. Then, though, it’d likely be funny, and a moot point.

That said… Kyle Ryan of the AV Club starts to make when he writes:

Cross’ Achilles’ heel has always been his smug sense of superiority; he rarely, if ever, points out his own shortcomings in his stand-up act, only the supposed stupidity of others.

But Cross wrote about