The Dark-ish Teal Ribbon for Maximum Fun Awareness

Posted by Maximum Fun on 30th January 2009

Turn on the news, and you can hear the talk of the many problems facing our world. Childhood poverty, disease, economic depression. All of these weigh heavily on our conversations.

There is one problem we face, though, that to this point has been unspeakable. A problem so terrifying, we’re afraid to bring it up in conversations, on our blogs, or otherwise in the public discourse.

Across the world today, literally billions of people don’t know about

To raise awareness, and in so doing fight this international scourge, we introduce to you The Dark-ish Teal Ribbon for Maximum Fun Awareness.

The Dark-ish Teal Ribbon is a powerful symbol that you’re unafraid to share the good word of Maximum Fun — that you are uncowed the in the face of ignorance. Also, that like Dan Marino, you look great with tropical-colored accent pieces.

How you can use the Darkish Teal Ribbon

We here at World Headquarters want to encourage you to place the Darkish Teal Ribbon on your website, blog, forum signature, email signature, or anywhere you think you can help raise awareness of and our fine media properties.

Below you’ll find graphics suitable for wiping clean the soil of Maximum Fun ignorance in our time. Place them on your website, link them to our first-time visitors page

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