Flyer for Creative Co-op Roundtable featuring photos of Jasper Wang of Defector, Michelle Sadler of Stocksy, Evan Edwards of Project Equity, and Bikram Chatterji of Maximum Fun

Creative co-op interviews and live roundtable with special guests on Friday

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 16th October 2023

So far, you’ve heard a lot from us at MaxFun, but we’re certainly not the only ones who think the co-op model is great for the creative industry. This week, we’re sharing insights from worker-owners at a few other wonderful creative co-ops, and we’re really, really excited about it!

Cooperation Among Cooperatives

This week of Co-Optober aligns with principle #6 of the Seven Cooperative Principles: Cooperation Among Cooperatives.

We’re so pleased to have been able to speak to worker-owners at five co-ops in the creative industry! We’ll be posting an interview on the blog each day this week, starting with…

Artisans Cooperative logo

Artisans Cooperative is a brand-new artist-owned alternative to Etsy! I had a great chat with Valerie from Artisans about the cooperative’s founding, corporate greed, and how she hopes the cooperative will grow.

“I really want [to be part of a cooperative] because I will have that governance control to make sure that it stays a good platform and doesn’t charge too much in fees and stays inclusive and stays broad. I don’t just want a seat at the table to talk about things, I want us to own the table. I want us to actually earn the value that we are providing by creating these beautiful and interesting items, all of us, and putting it there in one place.”
— Valerie, Artisans Cooperative
Read the full interview here. And keep an eye on our website or social media this week for more interviews with folks from Meerkat MediaGroupmuseStocksy, and Defector!

Creative Co-Op Roundtable

Friday, October 20
2:00pm PT / 5:00pm ET

We’re hosting a discussion on creative co-ops this Friday with a great line-up of special guests. The discussion will cover some of the advantages (and challenges!) of the cooperative model, especially at a time when creative work is being systematically undermined.

Our guests for the panel include:

Jasper Wang, co-owner and VP of Revenue & Operations at Defector, a worker-owned journalism website created by former Deadspin staffers and home to the Normal Gossip podcast.

Michelle Sadler, worker-member and Director of Co-op Operations at Stocksy, a progressive royalty-free stock photo and video agency.

Evan Edwards, CEO of Project Equity, the nonprofit that helped MaxFun convert to being a co-op.

And the panel will be moderated by Bikram Chatterji, CEO of MaxFun.

If you want to hear more about how artists can respond to corporate greed, the threat of AI, and short-sighted bosses, make sure to tune in Friday over on our YouTube channel!

Volunteer Week

Next week, MaxFunHQ staff are going to be volunteering at our local food bank—and we encourage you to do the same!

A group of MaxFun staff assembling care kits

October 23-29
Get together with other local MaxFun fans to do good in your local communities. For more information on how to arrange a volunteer event, check out our Volunteer Week page.


Here’s a few things from last week that you may have missed…

Meetup Day

Four people sitting in a bar with a sign that says "Maximum Fun Meetup Day"

Last week, there were meetups all across the U.S. (plus one in Copenhagen, pictured at the right!), including one in Los Angeles, MaxFun’s hometown. It was a blast! Big shout-out to everyone who organized a meetup. It’s always so much fun to see our community come together like this!

If you missed this one, don’t worry—there will definitely be more meetup days in the future. Keep an eye on the newsletter to keep updated on when the next one will be, or have one in your town whenever you want to meet some pals!

Blog Post Roundup

We published a few blog posts that dive into what the hosts and worker-owners at MaxFun think about the network transitioning to a co-op, including an interview with the first president of the board!

I want to take a second to thank everyone who’s bought Co-Optober merch, shared kind words on social media, and shown their enthusiasm for MaxFun becoming a co-op. This is a really exciting time for everyone here at MaxFunHQ, and it truly does mean so much to us to have your support.