Can I do a Hang It Up/Keep It Up?

Posted by Maximum Fun on 1st August 2006

Note: Hang it up/Keep it up is a regular feature of the Sound of Young America and Jesse Thorn, and while I am a guest of Jesse’s, my views represent neither his nor those of TSOYA. That in mind, here is my special guest Hang it up/Keep it up!

Hang it up: The fake name construction X-y McY.
Nasty McCrabbyPants. Dirty McSlopbucket. Friendly McHappyhead. I’m certainly guilty of doing it, and I confess my laziness and ask forgiveness. Rather than make a joke, I made a joke shorthand, like saying “I just ate the burrito from hell,” or “That rollercoaster ride was like a rollercoaster ride on acid.” And it appears in certain places where they should know better. Take the time to make an actual joke and hang up the Stupid McNotfunny.

Keep it up: Recreating vintage rock videos.
I present to you a recreation of the Donnie Iris video “Do You Compute.”

The “>original video isn’t that memorable, the song isn’t that great, the sterile lab setting of the original has been replaced by a basement, and this was in all likelihood a total goof, but that makes me love it all the more. They still took the time to lovingly mock a video no one remembers. That’s devotion. Keep it up!