Broin’ Out

Posted by Maximum Fun on 6th March 2006

Sound of Young America pals Tony Camin and Leo Allen (of Slovin & Allen) have a very cool talk show at the UCB Theater in New York called Broin’ Out with Leo & Tony (there’s also a Left Coast version in LA, hosted by Seth Morris). I’ve never had the chance to see it in person, but Tony and Leo are so funny, I can’t imagine that it’s not awesome.

This month’s show features David Cross, the hilarious John Glaser, and more. It’s Monday, March 20th at the UCBT… click on that link for reservations and more info. You can also make pals with the show on MySpace. Then again, have you even bothered to make pals with us?

(Above, Tony Camin, far right, performing “The Marijuanalogues” with Doug Benson and Arj Barker)
(via, thanks Billy)