Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland this weekend…

Posted by Maximum Fun on 4th March 2008

I’ve been corresponding on and off with the founder of the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland for a few months. He’s a guy with a tremendous passion for comedy and a lot of resourcefulness, and he’s put together a remarkable festival that’s not to be missed. Many of the best alternative comics on the West Coast, both famous and not famous, will be at the festival, and it’d be tough to go to a show and not see something amazing. And hey… Patton Oswalt is headlining! Past JJGo guests like Chris Fairbanks, Jonah Ray and Bucky Sinister will be performing, alongside heavyweights like the very funny Tig Notaro, Brent Weinbach and Eddie Pepitone.

If you live in Portland, this is an event that is NOT TO BE MISSED. The tickets are on a wristband basis — and wristbands are only twenty bucks. Be there or be square.