Blogs I Love

Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th March 2009

From time to time, I like to highlight some blogs that I love. I do it here, on my blog.

For example…

Dinosaurs and Robots is a sort of side-blog founded by Mark Frauenfelder of I love BoingBoing and I am annoyed when people complain about it. I’m not into every post, but I love the really personal perspectives on that blog, even if I’m kind of bored of hearing about government surveillance or whatever.

What I love about Dinosaurs and Robots is that it’s basically a blog of all my favorite stuff that shows up on BoingBoing. Basically, Mr. Jalopy posts a picture of some weird cool thing he bought at a garage sale, or some guest editor posts a picture of a crazy underground chocolate vault or something. It’s great.

This crazy-ass blog is just pictures of weird, crazy ephemera. A lot of Mexican porn comic books, things like the above Shaw Brothers playing cards… it has a really strong editorial voice and aesthetic, but I’ll be darned if I could describe what it is. This is the blog Quentin Tarantino uses to pleasure himself. (NSFW by the way) Also of note: when I was little, I had those exact same sunglasses. They came from a sweet store that used to be on 16th Street in San Francisco called Nestor’s Universe. I definitely rocked those.

If you want to know wtf is up in New York comedy, you hit up The Apiary. They’ve always got the new videos, the scuttlebutt on who’s marrying who, and all that good stuff. Of course, no one can get a job in New York, so there’s an actual comedy community.