Becker Re-run Promos Needed!

Posted by Maximum Fun on 16th April 2007


It’s not often you get a request as ridiculous as this.

Our friend Asterios, who helped arrange our interview with SCTV head writer Dick Blasucci, is working for The Westside Eclectic, a nice comedy theater in Santa Monica, California.

He sent us this message:

I’ll soon be launching a blog for the guys I work for that’ll be an archive of local and regional commercials for syndicated Becker reruns. If you know of any online, please email me at . If you live in a market where they air and can capture & upload them to youtube, I will mail you a prize pack that will blow your mind. I’ve also got an FTP site if you want to upload directly.

Bonus points for commercials that say stuff like, “Now Becker’s on 5 times a week! That’s five times the [clip of Becker saying something harshly].”

Asterios Kokkinos
LA Comedian, Television Enthusiast

Asterios offers us this as an example.

So, do you have any Becker promos? Why you would, I don’t know, but I feel compelled to support this effort.