Andy Kindler rips into South Park

Posted by Maximum Fun on 18th March 2006

Over at, TSOYA pal Andy Kindler ripped into Trey Parker & Matt Stone…

I can’t figure out what’s more offensive, Scientology or South Park. I can’t believe people still think these guys are geniuses. Remember Baseketball? The greatest thing they ever did was dress up like women for the Oscars? Wow that was original. The Comedy Team of Over and Rated. Laurel and Hacky. Dressing up like women? That’s crazy. That’s off the hook. And who can sit through South Park? The animation is horrible. I know. It’s supposed to be. Great. Their voices are horrible. Every time I try to watch an episode my head hurts from how unfunny it is. I’m not saying they have never been funny, but close. They have made me laugh for a total of 45 seconds. If that interview is indicative of anything, it’s how boring and ignorant and personally repulsive they are. Really? Things aren’t so bad with George W. Bush. You would have to be a cretin or a right wing ideologue or George W. Bush at this point to believe this. Stop driveling. Maybe he should stop pretending to read about World War II and read a newspaper from today.

And try this one on for size, responding in part to this interview in GQ:

But sometimes things reach a critical mass, and the more you learn about people, the less you can like them. I just reread that interview and got more annoyed. Calling Paris Hilton an ugly stupid whore? They are really edgy. Who are they going to go after next? Michael Jackson? And he just realized that Paris Hilton was a model? And he’s concerned about the kids all of a sudden? And then they put down Rob Reiner for taxing cigarettes by saying hey dude, let people have cigarettes. Rob Reiner taxing cigarettes is exactly the opposite of not letting people have cigarettes. He’s not saying you can’t smoke. He’s just saying tax it more. Agree or don’t agree, but at least be coherent enough to understand the point you’re making. I think all drugs should be legal, and they should also be taxed. See how easy that was? If he’s so concerned about people having enough money to buy cigarettes, he should start his own cigarette smoking charity fund for poor smokers. But that would be too “liberal” for him. They claim to be against Reiner because he’s a rich guy from Malibu. Where do they live? The Pacific Palisades? And they think they’re libertarian because they’re cool with “gays.” I’m sure the “gays” are thrilled. Holy Moly. I’m sorry, but these guys are just plain ignorant.

Is Andy right, or is he just hating on their game? Your thoughts?

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