An update on MaxFunDrive gifts and stickers

Posted by Stacey Molski on 9th May 2023

Thank you again to everyone who supported us this MaxFunDrive and all throughout the years! Because of your ongoing support, the network and the shows will be able to plan for the year knowing we’ll have consistent contributions coming in. We really appreciate it! This update is partially to thank you again, but mostly to let folks know that we’ve sent the MaxFunDrive thank-you gifts and charity sale stickers to production!

If you’re interested in the whole process, read on! If you just want the highlights, head on down to the section after the line.

As you probably know, we wait until after the MaxFunDrive and the charity sale are over to figure out the exact quantity of items to order. Once we have those numbers, we place the orders with the manufacturers. Most–if not all–of our MaxFunDrive gifts are made-to-order. Depending on the gift, it can take a bit of time to be manufactured, but we think it’s worth the wait to have a super-cool, custom gift–like our Maximum Flavor spice blend and apron!

After the gifts have been produced, they get shipped to our fulfillment center. There, they all get packed up according to what each recipient is getting and what sticker they asked for. Then they are labelled and shipped out all across the world to you and folks like you!

The stickers from the charity sale go through a separate, but similar, process at a different fulfillment center. So, it’s going to take a bit of time to get your gift and gifts ship separately than purchased stickers!

We estimate that gifts will begin shipping in mid-to-late June

Gifts get rolled out over time from our fulfillment center in California, so some folks will get theirs earlier than others depending on where they are in the shipment timeline and where they live.

Purchased stickers ship separately

Stickers purchased in our charity sale will run on a similar timeline, but will be shipping separately from gifts out of a different fulfillment center in Massachusetts. You will most likely receive your purchased stickers before your gift shipment.

Next step: Updating your address if needed

Once our gifts are manufactured (probably around early June), we’ll send you another email where you can double-check your address and update it if you need to. You can always check and update your information by going to and following the instructions there.

That’s it for now! If you have any questions, please email so we can help!