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A Note from Jesse Thorn Regarding the MaxFunDrive

Posted by Jesse Thorn on 14th March 2020

Hi, it’s Jesse, the founder of MaxFun, typing this on my home computer.

So… we promised you a MaxFunDrive this week. But things haven’t quite gone how we expected.

Given the pandemic, we’re going to postpone this year’s drive. 

Events are fluid, so we’re hesitant to give specifics about new dates, but right now we have late April penciled into our calendars. We’ll keep you posted on that.

As it stands, a lot of our drive machinery was already cranked up. For one thing, you might hear a reference or two to the drive in our shows, recorded before we made this decision. And – here’s some good news – there’s also a bunch of great bonus content available for all our members. If you’re a member and you missed the email with instructions on how to listen, check your spam folder or visit That page will also let you change your membership, if your circumstances have changed. We know this is a tough time for a lot of people, and we understand. You can also go to at any time if you’d like to become a member.

During the next couple of weeks, we’re going to do our best to be extra available to you. We’ve got some streaming events planned, some social media stuff. We know a lot of folks are isolated right now and we want to help provide comfort in the ways we know how. Follow us on social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) and we’ll let you know what’s up.

During this tough time, I’ve been feeling really grateful for my community of colleagues at MaxFun and for you, the folks who make our work possible. Goofy as it may sometimes be. Stay safe out there, we’re thinking of you.

– Jesse Thorn