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2022 MaxFun Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for a gift for a MaxFun fan in your life, we’ve listed suggestions for every show below! Shows are listed alphabetically, so scroll down to the one you’re looking for and start clicking. And while you’re at it, you should get something for yourself! You’re worth a treat!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 21st November 2022

For someone that you know loves MaxFun shows but you aren’t sure which ones:

Gift a membership! It’s easy–just go to and follow the instructions there. You’ll make a simple, one-time payment. Then we’ll contact your recipient so they can pick which shows they want to support, and we’ll send them the bonus content that comes with a membership!

We’ve also got a bunch of brand new MaxFun merch if you’d like something physical that you can wrap up in nice paper.

The Adventure Zone

The McElroys have a variety of great TAZ merch over here, but I am truly enamored with this Garyl tapestry. If the person you’re shopping for partakes in tabletop roleplaying games themselves (or just needs somewhere classy to put grocery lists), then they’d love these TAZ notebooks.

Baby Geniuses

Get yourself a Baen Chunch shirt designed by Lisa Hanawalt! Lisa also has a shop full of beautiful prints if you want to brighten up your walls. And you can get some Emily Heller merch or her 2018 comedy album Pasta, the cover of which is a work of art on its own.

Beef and Dairy Network

If it’s not a T-shirt that says Mitchell’s, get back in the truck. If you’ve got the cash to spare you could always get your loved one the greatest car ever made, a 2009 Hyundai i10.

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

If you want to really impress the Bullseye listener in your life, get them the perfect find from the selection of Jesse’s Picks in his vintage shop Put This On.

Comfort Creatures

Gather up all your furry pals and drink a hot drink in this cozy mug! Or pick up the matching T-shirt and wear it to your local independent bookstore as you buy some copies of Ella McCleod’s book, Rapunzella, Or, Don’t Touch My Hair to give to friends and family.

Dead Pilots Society

Ben Blacker has written several comics and novels, including Hex Wives, The Thrilling Adventure Hour, Death Be Damned, and Star Wars Join the Resistance

Depresh Mode

John Moe’s book The Hilarious World of Depression just came out in paperback this year and would make a great gift.  If the Depresh Mode fan in your life already has that book, then get them something from Depresh Mode’s new merch collection that reminds them you’re glad they’re here.

Dr. Gameshow

Ring ring on the telephone! It’s time to play some games with the whole family. Already have the pun-based game Punderdome, created by Jo Firestone and her dad, Fred? Then try the new fast-paced card game Fruits, co-created by Jo Firestone and great for anyone ages 8 and up.  


Gift FANTI fans a MaxFun membership to support Jarrett and Tre’vell! And check the MaxFunStore for some merch the #FANTIfam will definitely be a fan of.

Feeling Seen

Show the Feeling Seen fans that you see them – and help them be seen – in this bright yellow beanie featuring the show’s logo. (There’s a grey version, too, if yellow’s a bit too much). Or get them a mug and their favorite coffee so they can make it through the whole movie marathon!

The Flop House

As always The Flop House says: give yourself the gift of CATS! (Or you could pick up Elliot Kalan’s Maniac of New York Vol 2: The Bronx is Burning).

Go Fact Yourself

Fact: Any Go Fact Yourself fan would love to get a T-shirt! (And there’s more new stuff coming to the MaxFunStore soon!)

The Greatest Generation and Greatest Trek

Show your allegiance to The Greatest Generation or Greatest Trek  with some of their new merch, like this Heal the Pod or these Drunk Shimoda coasters

The Jackie and Laurie Show

Represent Jackie and Laurie with this notebook, or give your friends Jackie’s latest album Stay-Kashian and a signed copy of one of Laurie’s books.

Jordan, Jesse, Go!

There are two brand new JJGo shirts available for this long-running podcast, so we can guarantee JJGo fans don’t have the Nicknames or Saying Words shirt yet. (Well unless they bought themselves one because they saw this, but hey, maybe they’ll have gotten it in a different color!)

Judge John Hodgman

If the Hodgman fan you know doesn’t have Hulu yet, get them a subscription so they can watch the first two seasons of John’s animated show Dicktown. Or if they’re more into books than TV, get them John’s books Medallion Status and Vacationland!

Just the Zoo of Us

The animal lover in your life would love a lizard, toucan, or manatee shirt (or the accompanying stickers if you’re on the lookout for stocking stuffers!).

The JV Club with Janet Varney

Get the JV Club T-shirt and button to let your loved ones know you’ll always be there for them during their times of adult-lescence.

Let’s Learn Everything!

Everyone loves a conversation starter, and the Let’s Learn Everything line of merch that lists all of the topics they covered in their first year is perfect for that! If the person you’re buying for is more of a minimalist, then this cute little bee shirt is the way to go.

Maximum Film!

We’ve got everything you need for a cold movie theater right here–from a hoodie to a beanie. Oh, and the Christmas Zaddy’s book is sure to be a hit with folks who leave the TV on the Hallmark channel starting the day after Halloween. So get: I’ll Be Home for Christmas Movies: The Deck the Hallmark Podcast’s Guide to Your Holiday TV Obsession

My Brother, My Brother and Me

If the person you’re buying a gift for celebrates the universal holiday of Candlenights, then you’ve got to get them this fantastic 2022 ornament and a ticket to the virtual show on Dec 17. You can wrap it all up in some Candlenights wrapping paper

Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

Wearing this I’m Sure It’s All True shirt is an easy way for folks to avoid conversations with conspiracy theorists. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

One Bad Mother

There’s a whole bunch of new merch in the MaxFunStore, including a Welcome to the Low Bar shirt, an OBM National Forest hoodie, a logo trucker hat, and an I Did A Thing sweatshirt. Biz and Theresa’s book, You’re Doing a Great Job! is an ideal gift for any parents you know. 

Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses has a ton of great bookish merch here, like this new Libraries Are Flipping Awesome shirt, Library User sweatshirt, or All Books Are Real Books mug! But the best gift for a Reading Glasses fan is, of course, something new to read! So get them Mallory’s James Beard-winning book Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol and Brea’s graphic novel Mary.


Share your love of vaccines with this Vaccines! shirt, bumper sticker, or Pro-Vax pin (really, the best gift of all is to get vaccinated to protect your friends and family if you can)! If they don’t have it yet, Justin and Sydnee’s Sawbones book makes a fun gift for anyone on your list. Oh, and remind the world you’re not ashamed of your clown husband.


For your dove or deer who loves learning about manners, this updated version of Emily Post’s Etiquette would be a thoughtful gift.

Still Buffering

Get your loved one a gift membership to support Sydnee, Teylor, and Rileigh or a piece of art from Teylor’s Etsy store. Then share a piece of culture that you love with them–especially if it’s one their generation may not have experienced!

Stop Podcasting Yourself

Get those Bumpers a Stop Podcasting Yourself logo shirt that celebrates one of the best-named podcasts in the biz.

Tights and Fights

Lindsey Kelk has just the thing: her new book The Christmas Wish. You can also pick up a Tights and Fights logo shirt while you’re at it.

Tiny Victories

Get a copy of Annabelle’s book (now in paperback) You’re Leaving When? Adventures in Downward Mobility and sign up for meditation classes taught by Laura! Then share your tiny victories with each other this holiday season!

Triple Click

Gift Kirk Hamilton’s digital album The Exited Door and Maddy (MIDI) Myers’ album Recovery Mission to someone who loves both video games AND music. If they’re more of a reader, then go for Jason Schreier’s book Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry. And add in a sticker, shirt, or mug while you’re at it!

Troubled Waters

Dave Holmes’ book Party of One is out in paperback, hardcover and audio book (read by Dave himself)! And writer Riley Silverman just wrote the Star Wars book Exploring Tatooine: An Illustrated Guide – a fun present for Star Wars fans of all ages!

We Got This with Mark and Hal

People of the world can get a variety of new items from the MaxFunStore, including this retro-inspired MASHED POTATOES! shirt, the Best Drinkware, and a Person of the World shirt.


Anyone would be delighted to get this wonderful baseball tee.