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MaxFunDrive is here!! Gifts, events, and a kickoff podcast!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 18th March 2024

The best time of year is here!

MaxFunDrive has officially opened its doors! If you’ve been camped out waiting to get in to join, boost, or upgrade, go to and do it right now! You can come back to this later.

MaxFunDrive is when the network comes together and asks you to support what we do. We are a worker-owned network of artist-owned shows—an indie underdog that is still here because people continually show up for us. Enough folks like you have recognized that our shows matter to them, and have chosen to support that work by becoming members.

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The media world is upside-down right now, but we’ve been able to keep bringing you the podcasts that you love—and some new amazing shows as well—because people like you support us. We aren’t powered by some tech platform’s ambitions to control all audio, or some venture capitalist’s desire to make a financial return—we’re powered by you.
You will feel great knowing that you are directly supporting independent artists, and every time you listen to your favorite show, you can go, “Hey, I helped make this episode happen!”

Limited-time gifts for new and upgrading members!

We’ve got some wonderful stuff this year. I know we say that every year, but really, look at them. (Pins are back, my friend! And get a load of that gigantic tote bag!)

A gif cycling through images of the gifts. Bonus Content; a wide array of pins; a person wearing a bucket hat; a bandana being used as a chess board; a tote bag the size of a large suitcase.

Go to to learn more about the wonderful gifts and the artists that designed them just for us. Become a member or upgrade your membership while you’re there so you don’t miss out on these cool limited-time gifts!

A special treat to start things off: MaxFunDrive Kickoff Spectacular!

If you get notifications on your podcast feeds, you may have already noticed our first fun surprise: Go Fact Yourself gathered two dozen hosts from all across the network and pitted them against each other in friendly trivia showdowns!

A gif that reads MaxFunDrive Kickoff Spectacular and cycles through photos of hosts participating. List of hosts can be found at the link destination.

If you don’t see a mini-ep in your favorite show’s feed, or if you want to listen to all of them together, you can find the full Kickoff Spectacular on our site!

Events happening every day!

Hear me out: for the next two weeks, just keep a tab open with our events calendar so you don’t miss anything. (Really, how many tabs do you have open right now? 27? What’s one more?)  A bunch of events are already listed but new ones will be added all throughout the Drive!

Here’s what’s happening today:

MaxFun Meetup Day is Thursday!

A map of 2024 meetups with rocket icons showing where meetups are taking place. Text: Laguna Hills, CA; Burbank, CA; Nashville, TN; Tampa, FL; Grand Rapids, MI; St. Louis, MO; Brooklyn, NY; Boston, MA; Carleton Place, ON; Toronto, ON; Berlin, Germany
So far we’ve got 11 meetups all across the country–and world (including one in Michigan that the hosts of Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries started up and one in Stuart Wellington’s bar in Brooklyn)! Check out the list, and if you don’t see your town, pick a nearby place that can hold a dozen folks, and then email! We’ll help you spread the word!

That’s what we’ve got for today! Go to now, while you’re thinking about it! Go, go, go!

Stay tuned for more fun, and thank you for being you!


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