Valley Heat joins Maximum Fun!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 29th January 2024


A beloved comedy show joins Maximum Fun, and a MaxFun all-star becomes a Hall of Famer!

Valley Heat joins Maximum Fun!

Valley Heat cover art

After a long hiatus, the improvised fictional comedy podcast that TIME Magazine named one of the “10 Best Podcasts of 2022” is continuing its second season on Maximum Fun!

If you like shows like Beef and Dairy Network PodcastMission to Zyxx, and The Neighborhood Listen, this show is for you. Valley Heat invites you into the world of freelance insurance adjuster Doug Duguay as he uses his self-taught investigative skills to chronicle activities around his home and neighborhood in the Rancho Equestrian District of Burbank, California.

The first season of Valley Heat has received high praise, including some from…

Patton Oswalt, who included it in an interview about three things he loves:

“… I’m parceling it out, because I don’t want it to end. But my God, it’s so hilarious. It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in a long time, up there with Welcome to Night Vale.”

And speaking of Welcome to Nightvale

Tweet by Joseph Fink (@PlanetofFinks). It reads: "3. Valley Heat by @ChristianDuguay. This ticks so many of the boxes we were going for when we started Night Vale. Just a guy telling you about what's going on in his neighborhood in Burbank, peppered with disastrous attempts at gonzo journalism and very funny fake ads."

Tweet by Eliza Skinner (@ElizaSkinner). It reads: "If you’re a fan of LA comics, audio comedy, mysteries, neighborhood drama, local commercials, or very good/stupid music that lands perfectly b/t jam band & 80s new wave, PLEASE listen to the Valley Heat podcast. I have no involvement, I just love it deeply. That’s an honest plug!"

The first episode in quite a while came out this weekend, and episodes will continue to come out monthly. Valley Heat should be listened to in order, so subscribe now and go start at the beginning!

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Jesse Thorn has been inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame!

MaxFun founder and current worker-owner, Jesse Thorn, is being honored as an individual and podcaster who has made a great impact on the podcasting industry.

Jesse was not able to be at Friday’s induction ceremony, but he did record a lovely video to thank the folks who have helped him in his career and to share what this honor means to him.

It’s been 20 years since Jesse first released The Sound of Young America as a podcast. In that time, he created and hosted pioneering interview and comedy shows, built a sustainable business model that values creators, and started the company and community that has touched countless lives. We’re so proud of his achievements, and congratulate him on this well-deserved honor!

A screenshot from the linked video. Jesse Thorn sitting on a desk and addressing the camera.

→ Watch Jesse’s video now

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