MaxFun Meetup Day 2020 Update

One of our absolute favorite things about the MaxFunDrive is MaxFun Meetup Day. It’s a really fun day where folks all across the globe get together in person with MaxFunsters in their area. Every year, new stories come in about how folks who met at MaxFun Meetup Day have become actual real life friends who actually hang out throughout the year. Honestly, it’s just one of those things that really has to occur in person.

This is a strange year. We’ve carefully considered the guidance around how to keep ourselves and our communities safe, in light of COVID 19. One action we can all take that can greatly improve the situation is to practice social distancing. A main tenet of that is: don’t go hang out in big groups just for fun. Well, that’s exactly what MaxFun Meetup Day is and that’s why – even though we know it’s a bummer – we think it’s important to postpone Meetup Day- at least in the “physical” meetup sense.

We encourage you to host virtual events to meet people in your area and have fun!  Click here for some ideas.  And keep checking back here for a list of cities holding virtual events as they come up! In the meantime, you can also check our Calendar for livestreaming events that may be happening now.

It’s not cancelled – just postponed! On Friday, August 21, we’ll all reconvene for MaxFun Meetup Day (Late Summer Edition). We’ll remind you about it, but if you want a fun MaxFun thing to look forward to, go ahead and put it on your calendars. It’ll be fun to get to hang out with all you MaxFunsters in between MaxFunDrives! 

And don’t worry, we’ve got some shenanigans planned for Tuesday, March 24 that you can all join in on! Staff and a few hosts will be livestreaming in the evening, and we’d love for you to join us. We’ll put the link to the stream up on this page and all over social media, so you can ask us questions or just say hi!

Thanks as always for being the kind, generous and compassionate people you are. Stay safe, keep others safe, and let’s use all this time indoors to have an extra fun MaxFunDrive!