The drawing for Jumbotron spots on Wonderful! is currently OPEN!

Due to the extremely high demand for Wonderful! Jumbotrons, we try our best not to sell too many at once. We regret that we can’t make Jumbotrons available to everyone who wants to purchase them, but we think that drawings like this one are the fairest way to distribute the limited spots we have available.

This is not a giveaway for a Jumbotron spot. If you are chosen, you will be offered the option to purchase a Jumbotron spot for Wonderful! for $100. We expect the Jumbotrons purchased as a result of this raffle to air sometime in the second half of 2022, but we cannot guarantee timing.

All current restrictions to Jumbotrons found at apply, including (but not limited to) content and run date. And as always, Maximum Fun reserves the right to refuse to run a message.

Personal messages are limited to one (1) entry per person. Wonderful! is not accepting promotional Jumbotrons at this time.

But wait! There are are still some things we’d like you to keep in mind regarding your message!

  • Jumbotron messages are meant to be from you to a friend or loved one, so we ask that the messages are focused on the recipient, not the method in which they’re sent.
  • We’re trying to keep the show fun for everyone involved, for the hosts and all of the audience. Because inside jokes aren’t as fun if you’re not in on them, we ask that you do not include them in your message. The more everyone can understand, the better!
  • We love your excitement for the jokes and characters that the McElroys have created, but we can’t accommodate specific voice requests or bits, even if they’re references from Wonderful! or other related shows.

If you have any questions about the drawing, or Jumbotrons in general, you can contact


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