Judge John Hodgman Episode 243: The Nog Tank


Judge Hodgman and Jesse clear the docket on shouting at drive thrus, ski trips, subway turtles and more, and also set the record straight on Sha-Na-Na. Happy New Year!


Below, the photo of Chuck Bryant's repaired kitchen entryway (check out Episode 177 D-I-Y?! for the backstory).


Lost resoect

So I lost a lot of respect for Jesse after listening to his toxic and ignorant views on school. Sad. But then, he did go to school in the US, where lawmakers seem to think that merit-based pay and constant external testing will improve education, so maybe he has a point. He would be better to focus his 'rage' on the schools he happened to attend (or in his case, not attend).

Chuck and door

Very nice new door and kudos on the new kitchen tile.

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When I click on the link to the episode this picture relates to. Page not found. :(

To ski or not to ski

My brother and I were taken out of school by my parents for off-week ski trips for many years, well into middle school. My parents were not especially wealthy and I felt the same resentments toward the rich skiers as the Judge but this was outweighed by how much fun I had being a good skier.

Missing school for a week was easy enough to deal with. Necessary lessons could be done in advance (rather than afterward) and some teachers gave special assignments specifically tailored to travel that were more enriching that regular class work. Being present for good attendance seems arbitrary to anyone's education, especially given how much goofing off goes on in class, teachers being absent themselves, etc.

All of that said, with respect to FUTURE trips where missing school is involved the Judge missed a really important point, which is to ask the question "does your family REALLY want to be doing this or is this just something you want to do?" Does your wife want the added stress of dealing with teachers and making sure kids meet their requirements? Our schools (the administration, not the teachers) gave my parents a really hard time about attendance. In the end, and to their credit, they held their ground but maybe in other schools this is not so easy or even advisable as the Judge noted. Also, as your children get older, do they even want extra time away from their friends, with their weird parents and a bunch of other strangers? I know that by the time I was in high school the LAST thing I wanted to do was go away with my parents and miss out on whatever my peers were doing.

I would recommend the court revise it's bias on missing school for school's sake. Further, the court should compel this man to examine closely whether or not this is the family activity he thinks it is.

My ruling would be that if everyone is on board with the responsibilities required and wants to ski off down the mountain together as a family then they should go for it. Life is too short to care about missing 4 or even 8 days of dumb school. But it is necessary to make certain everyone agrees.

Nice job by Carl

Kudos to Carl on his well written contribution to the hot dog sandwich debate!

It's not a debate

It's not a debate. It's settled law.

Indeed, but something in

Indeed, but something in Karl's comment really struck me. If I was at a bbq and someone offered me a "hot dog sandwich" I would assume that it was some hot dogs cut up and placed between two pieces of bread because they ran out of buns.

Therefore, if that is a "hot dog sandwich", then your regular hot dog in a bun cannot be a sandwich.