Judge John Hodgman Episode 178: In Chambers


Judge Hodgman & Bailiff Jesse clear the docket and read pedantic letters in our first chambers-only episode! Have you got suggestions for the scary movie club? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter @Hodgman, @JesseThorn, or join the conversation on the Judge John Hodgman Facebook page.

Plus if you wanna see Judge Hodgman or Bailiff Jesse live and in person, here's how to do it:

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Or find Jesse hosting his NPR show Bullseye in LA on Wednesday, October 15th at a legit Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, with guests Dan Harmon, Steve Agee, Andy Kindler and Sara Watkins.

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Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry's wife also has a clean eating cook book out... By every formal fallacy ever clean eating and oral hygiene result in looking good as you age.

Scary Movies

How can I join the John Hodgman Scary Movie Club?
Love dem scaries!!!

scary movies

Um, The Changing starring George c Scott. You're welcome :)

Adventure Time

I agree with the Judge's and Jesse's comments about Adventure Time, especially the Judge's remarks about Lemongrab. The cartoon exterior masks the show's exploration into the deep issues like fear, disappointment, jealousy, etc. Because the podcast asked for horror films/shows, I'd recommend two Adventure Time episodes that, while maybe not technically horror, I found very unsettling: "Beautopia" (Finn & Jake help Susan Strong confront the frightening Lub Glubs) and "All the Little People" (the always troubling Magic Man slips Finn a bag containing miniature versions of the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom).

Adventure Time

To claim that any show is more important to children's television than Avatar & The Legend of Korra is insane.

Horror TV

Trilogy of Terror.

Could "get the net" have

Could "get the net" have referred to the hockey net they were using as his ex-girlfriend interrupted their game?


They were in a diner, not playing hockey.
Though the same thought occurred to me until I watched the clip.
Been forever since I last saw that movie.