Judge John Hodgman Episode 168: Queasy Rider

Mark Gagliardi

Katie brings the case against her boyfriend, Dallas. They enjoy visiting Disneyland together, but Dallas refuses to go on Katie's favorite ride. Katie says he's got nothing to lose by giving it a try, and everything to gain. Dallas says already knows he won't like it, and he's OK with missing out. Who's right? Who's wrong?

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People Mover

For anyone young enough to remember the original TRON movie and geek out over it: I totally miss People Mover in Tomorrowland! It was one of the retro-futuristic ideas Disney promoted as transportation of the future. I think it was the slowest moving ride in all of Disneyland, but it offered a couple nice views of the park. The BEST thing about People Mover was the brief but awesome little bit of TRON that you people-moved through near the end of the ride. They need more TRON in Disneyland!

No theme?

Was it really not mentioned that it is Twilight Zone themed?

It's totally based on something! The twilight zone!

This ride in DW has/had an intro that was totally Rod Steiger style and everything.

This ride rocks.

Rod Who?

Do you mean Rod Serling? or did you really mean Rod Steiger?

Tower of Terror!

Whaaat? Probably the best ride at Disney/DCA, IMHO. The roller coasters are pretty good, but Disney is a bit short on thrill rides, and the Tower of Terror delivers there. I can't even go on the very tall drop rides, they make me feel like I'm going to die, but I love most other thrill rides, and Tower of Terror is great, from the theme to the thrill!

Exactly! Rides that go up

Exactly! Rides that go up and down are boring? Maybe some, but THIS one is far from boring. I love it!

DCA/WDW comparison

This is one of the few rides that is much, MUCH better at Walt Disney World (Hollywood Studios park) than at Disneyland/DCA. The pre-drop portion of the WDW version is far superior, mainly because they shoved ToT into an available corner at DCA in an attempt to make that corner of the park less lame.