Judge John Hodgman Episode 160: The French Correction

Jonathan Goldstein

Two Quebecers quarrel: should they speak English or French when they're out and about in their hometown of Montreal?

We're joined this week by expert witness Jonathan Goldstein, host of CBC's WireTap and author of I'll Seize the Day Tomorrow (along with several other excellent books).

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Quite right!

Generally agree with other listeners that you should brink the uke out more often and could you kindly make an audio recording of your La Vie En Rose available? Thank you! - CJ

more singing please!

I loved the song! Sir, you have a charming and delightful singing voice. I hope you sing more in the future.

A fair ruling, Monsieur le Juge

Speaking as an Anglophone and a former Montreal resident, I have to say I loved this reminder of that time of my life. I cannot recommend highly enough how beautiful and fun a city Montreal is - no one should be deterred by language from checking it out, from the incredible jazz and comedy festivals to the relatively cheap and completely awesome food and drink to the stunning architecture and history.

Also, my Canadian history nerd side compels me to point out - when Judge Hodgman mentioned the French fighting for their freedom, I wondered if he was aware of when the French Canadians tried to do this in 1837. It... didn't turn out well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rebellions_of_1837


Thanks for the song!

Having just finished listening to the final audiobook and consequently the entire series of George R.R. Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' which left me a bit depressed, your lovely rendering of 'La Vie en Rose' was delightful and sweet. It was the perfect antidote to my brooding. Thank you!

I really thought this would

I really thought this would be the 1st episode where a husband wins the ruling over his wife.

No dice in the JJH court!

The City & The City

For an fascinating exploration of two cities and cultures existing superimposed on each other, check out China Mieville's novel "The City & The City."

La Vie En Rose

I'm French and I found John Hodgman's cover of "La Vie En Rose" absolutely delightful. His pronounciation is really good and his accent adorable. I just couldn't resist singing along with him and recording it. So here's our little duo: https://soundcloud.com/louise-song-covers/la-vie-en-rose-with-john-hodgman



That French song

Judge John was great, but I do think he did mix up a few words. Here's the definitive Anglo-French version