Judge John Hodgman Episode 152: Arraigning Cats and Dogs


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Eileen brings the case against her boyfriend Tyler. They recently moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and Eileen thinks it's the right time to get a dog -- specifically, a corgi. Tyler is a cat person and says a cat would be the better pet. Who RULES and who DROOLS?

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Bailiff Jesse Grade

Great effort from Bailiff Jesse in this one. He clarified who the corgi author was (I enjoy an obscure, unexplained cult. ref. as much as the next man but this was pushing the envelope, Judge Hodgman) and had good, complementary one-liners like "Are you on partner track?", and "So you almost certainly have toxoplasmosis." Also, I could personally relate to Bailiff Jesse's tale of having witnessed coyote (not coyoteS, for the record) walking through the streets of Los Angeles. And I appreciated his eloquent advocacy of the half-breed rescue.

Bailiff Jesse is at his best when he is the serviceable but athletically limited center to Judge Hodgman's agile, cat-quick point guard. I'm just saying...not everyone can be Kareem. And there's no shame in being Spencer Hawes.

Grade: A

--The Bailiff Judge


Jesse - way to go with the rescue promo! I wish more people understood that you can get any kind of dog you want through rescue if you take your time.


This episode was fantastic & informative, but you really got under my skin when you made a generalization about unmarried couples not living together. What about couples in the 33 states who are not legally allowed to get married?

I have been living with my girlfriend for 4 years. As we are residents of TX, we are as close as you can get to being married with a joint checking account, domestic partner benefits (which are financially restrictive & more expensive than married benefits), & a dog. We might never see the day when we can enjoy the tax benefits of a married couple, however, we strive to make our relationship as financially tied as possible. What is your opinion of gay couples living together, Judge John Hodgman?

Best laugh ever

Could listen to Eileen laugh all day!

Griffith Park

Speaking of Griffith Park, the tunnel scene from Back to the Future II was filmed in the River Road Tunnel in the park.

Arraigning Cats & Dogs

When this couple gets a Corgi (and you know they shall get a Corgi), a great name for it would be "8pt". This would be a logical progression from Inkspot, then Printer.

Perfect cross between a cat and a dog?

Rabbits! We have two and they are like part dog and part cat. They are loving but without the loud barking. Litter trained and very clean.