Judge John Hodgman Episode 125: Weight, Weight, Don't Judge Me


Chad and Elizabeth like to challenge each other to the occasional friendly weight loss competition. But they differ on how to measure the losing winner. Can Judge Hodgman weigh the options?

Please note: Judge John Hodgman is in no way a medical or legal authority.

We're joined again by Western Massachusetts radio personality and man about town Monte Belmonte of 93.9 WRSI The River in Northampton, MA. Thanks again to Monte and WRSI!

And thanks to Mitchel Ahern for suggesting this week's case name! To suggest a title for a future episode, like us on Facebook at Judge John Hodgman! We regularly put a call for submissions.

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Let's Go Technicians!!

It was nice to here the town of Blacksburg represented for the second time on Judge John Hodgman!

Thanks Linda Holmes of the POP CULTURE HAPPY HOUR

For suggesting this podcast. The Judge replaces what I lost when the Randy Cohen and The Ethisist podcast went away. Delightful!

men women calorie intake

Your honor, please type the above words into your favorite internet search engine. You will find that men and women 'require' different numbers of calories. Thus, a couple that eats near-identical meals together will observe the 'male advantage' in weight loss. If their caloric intake is below the woman's requirement, it will be farther below the man's requirement. Perhaps a calculation that factors in the gender differential in caloric requirements would result in a fairer competition.

Not late

At the beginning of the podcast, you apologized for being late. I don't know what you are talking about. From my point of view, the podcast started at just the right time.

Banana Man

I am sorry once again for not being there and protecting the fresh bananas. I am on vacation and they have to put people in the store who are not masters of the fresh bananas.

The Fresh Banana Lie

What exactly is a fresh banana, and who would eat one? Isn't a "fresh" banana a green, uneatable banana? Bananas should have speckles on them before they go down your gullet!!! If they don't, they are not fully ripened! DON'T EAT FRESH/GREEN BANANAS, THEY GIVE YOU CONSTIPATION! *kiss*