The Flop House: Episode #173 - Transcendence

The Flop House

Turns out that being Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer is not the same thing as being Christopher Nolan, as we found out when we endured Transcendence. Meanwhile Elliott explains Dan’s unusual way of reading, Stuart has a Transmorphers flashback, and Dan sings a little cow opera.

Movies and TV recommended in this episode:

The Evil Clergyman
The Woman on the Beach


Hello, New listener! Enjoying

Hello, New listener!
Enjoying the podcast so far. Just wanted to say I loved "Sunshine". It was very unexpected and one of my favorite horror/sci-fis.

Holy Scientist!!!

This is a great episode. The Flop House has quickly became one of my top 5 podcasts, since they became part of Max Fun. I love all 3 guys, but I feel like me and Elliot would be really good friends. Oh, how I wish I had friends. :-( Don't worry I have an amazing wife. She just wont sing bad improvised songs. Jeez.