Episode 106: Inauguration with Jordan Morris

18th January 2017

This week, Jordan Morris sits in for Guy Branum. The gang discuss the looming Inauguration, past ceremonies, the red/blue divide in terms of the TV that is watched, and Drake. As always, they tell us what they are all about and what their latest jams are.

Episode notes

This episode, Jordan Morris of @midnight and Jordan Jesse Go! sits in for Guy while he is away. Jordan and the gang discuss the upcoming Inauguration, the President elect’s difficulty in securing entertainment, and the different media choices that people from different parts of the country consume. They talk about the red/blue divide in terms of the reality TV choices of particular zip codes around the country. Karen tells us why she’s all about “Blackish” this week, and Wynter sets the record straight about the Golden Globes. And as with every week, the panel tells us what their latest jams are.

With Jordan Morris, Karen Tongson, Wynter Mitchell, and Margaret Wappler

Jordan Morris – Love In A Void
Margaret Wappler – In Glendale
Wynter Mitchell – Caroline
Karen Tongson – Overkill

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  • Jordan Morris
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