BONUS CONTENT PREVIEW: Boys! Boys! Boys! with Katy Belle

27th March 2024

A special sneak preview of this year’s bonus content special: Biz and her teen Katy Belle read a dated book about dating called Boys! Boys! Boys!

Episode notes

While sorting through the detritus of her past, Biz came upon a book. An ancient book from the distant year of 1983, filled with antiquated beauty standards, extremely creepy behavior that was once considered charming, and also Star Wars. 

The book: Boys! Boys! Boys! by Jan Gelman. Book #2 in the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style series Follow Your Heart Romance.

Biz does the unthinkable and passes this unholy tome to her own freshly minted teen, Katy Belle. Will Katy Belle choose John, the football star? Tommy, the childhood friend? Or will Katy Belle decide all of these guys are gross and live their own life?

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Music: Mutant Club by HoliznaCC0

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