Ross and Carrie’s Purium Transformation (Part 2): Before and After Edition

Episode 116

30th September 2017

Ross and Carrie continue their Purium diets, losing confidence more quickly than pounds. Meanwhile, the staff nutritionist explains why everything going wrong is our fault. Plus, Carrie reads the founder’s book, and we have a sample tested for lead.

Episode notes

Ross and Carrie conclude their Purium diets, passing through stages of grief and losing confidence faster than pounds. One thing is for sure: Purium’s staff nutritionist is here to tell you why everything that’s going wrong is your fault. Plus, Carrie reads the founder’s strange book, Ross eats a $9 avocado, and we send a sample off to be tested for lead. Will we die of Purium? Are we typing this from the ghost realm? Find out!

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