60: Near Earth Objects & Guitar Tabs

11th April 2024

What are all these rocks hurtling through space? Do we need to worry about them, and what can we learn from them? And what are guitar tabs, why don’t people take them seriously, and why does Tom love them so dang much? Videos we Talk About: Osiris Boop Gif Timestamps: (00:00:00) Intro (00:03:54) Near Earth […]

Episode notes

What are all these rocks hurtling through space? Do we need to worry about them, and what can we learn from them? And what are guitar tabs, why don’t people take them seriously, and why does Tom love them so dang much?

Videos we Talk About:
Osiris Boop Gif

(00:00:00) Intro
(00:03:54) Near Earth Objects
(00:56:58) Guitar Tabs
(01:47:55) Outro

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(tabs via lucamashup)


We also learn about:

I thought you were just going to just teach us guitar, still on course to learn everything in a few months! everyone’s favorite part: semantics and exceptions, Tom is a perfectly unmovable object, it’s doxxing myself if people know I’m the center of the universe, the great attractor was my nickname in high school, “naturally occurring objects traveling through our solar system which are smaller than planets and aren’t moons”, you must be 1 meter tall to be an asteroid, asteroids are metally comets are icy, a song of rock and metal dust and ice, asteroid/comet -> meteoroid -> meteor -> meteorite, 1.3 million known asteroids and only 3,800 comets in our solar system, within 50 million km it becomes a near earth object, obviously we’re all thinking about the Tunguska asteroid asteroid, 80 million trees felled and it didn’t even hit the Earth, one of the oldest meteors we know is from 2 billion years ago, the vredefort dome, 2 billion year old nuclear weapon testing??? the only time the earth makes Shatter Cones is meteors and nuclear explosions, if the meteor had hit the water it might not have been so catastrophic for dinosaurs, but it was going 20 kilometers per SECOND, a force 10,000 times the world nuclear arsenal, the crater has to be DISCOVERED, what does it mean for 50% of species to go extinct, the asteroid also vaporized the ground and water, impact winter, stopping photosynthesis kicks out the base of the foodchain, the meteor that broke the camel’s back, land animals over 25kg went extinct, there were a few lucky ducks, LLE Meteor Insurance, as long as Aerosmith is alive we’re fine, Asteroid Watch via the Center for Near Earth Object Studies, people listening 100 years from now hope you don’t have any asteroids (sucks to suck), Planetary Defense Coordination Office, Double Asteroid Redirct Mission, I cheered when we smashed into that asteroid, activating asteroids, asteroids are loose remaining legos from the formation of the solar system, OSIRIS-REx sample return, a kid named Bennu, tom loses his mind at the video of Osiris booping Bennu, personifying Rex, OSIRIS APEX, Apophis will be closer than some satellites, POV Apophis shots, Astroid Quakes, “cute is a weird way to describe a spacecraft touching an asteroid”, casual Caroline classical guitar lore drop, Tom learns guitar by accident, “too bad I picked this up so late”, Ella’s youtube ukulele era, don’t stop believing, tabs aren’t shittier sheet music, Van Halen didn’t invent tabs, tabs feel modern but also obvious, just because words are more efficient doesn’t mean diagrams aren’t useful, I’m just trying to play Don’t Stop Believing I have to worry about context? Guqin tablature dates to the 7th century! music has a lot of racism, rockin out those lute tabs, I knew this was secretly a font topic! monospace fonts revitalized tabs, sheet music software is garbage, god did not want me to use LaTeX they wanted me to use my mortal hands, OLGA, reading Beyonce tabs is not the same as listening to Beyonce, Paul McCartney’s the one who plays Blackbird wrong, let the philosophy professor enjoy his guitar! why punish the people who love your work, tabs are in a gray zone still, ultimate-guitar has a monopoly, the gray zone may benefit publishers, thanks swifties, Thomas Chesney’s tab research, it’s not a million miles away but it’s not right, ooh this song’s so commercially viable! Polphia’s tabs, Pinegrove’s tabs released before the songs, Tom’s guitar tabs, being a part of someone’s music journey in a little way, this could have been a guitar tab podcast, a cozy review corner.

The Structure of the Milky Way
The Great Attractor
Nasa on Orbital Debris
Asteroids vs Comets vs Meteors
Nasa on Asteroids
Notable Asteroid Impacts
Tunguska Event
Atomic Asteroid Blasts
Vredefort Impact Structure
NASA on the Dinosaur Extincting Asteroid
NHM: Why did the dinosaurs die out?
Near Earth Objects
Asteroid Watch
Asteroid Watch Dashboard
DART results
Nasa Data on Bennu
OSIRIS REx Touch Down
Bennu Sample Analysis
Nasa Data on Apophis
ESA’s Possible RAMSES Mission

NPR on Online Tabs
Van Halen Tab Interview
Mick Goodrick’s The Advancing Guitarist
Yang Yuanzheng on Ancient Guqin Tablature
Solitary Orchid on the Guqin
Tantacrul’s Critique of Sheet Music Software
Laura Gary’s Amazing Legal Analysis of Tabs
Paul McCartney on Blackbird
NYTimes on Guitar Tab Legal Troubles
Ultimate-Guitars Licensing
Chesney’s Paper Studying Guitar Tab Authors
Polyphia Tabs
Pinegrove Tabs NPR Interview
Tom’s Habanero Tabs
Newspeak Dictionary

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