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Is it ever OK to clip your fingernails in public? Molly brings the case against her mom Susan. Molly says that Susan has a habit of clipping her fingernails at inappropriate times. Susan says she follows proper etiquette and tries to be discreet. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

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Submitted by Molly

“Ok. This video is even more ridiculous than I recalled. Nonetheless it may shed some light on the degree to which my mom does things that are clearly ridiculous and wrong, such as prostrate synchronized scissor kicking and arm waving to “She’s Having My Baby.” In case you can’t tell, she is having a conversation with herself on the floor in the beginning of the video.

I am submitting this as evidence to prove the following:

A. My mom was indeed in New York on the night of the alleged event.
B. She was at dinner with us at Sidecar. You can tell because her behavior is a direct result of having too many “Lime Lime Rickies” at said establishment.
C. My mom has poor judgment, and may have had especially poor judgment on the night in question.”

Click through to watch on YouTube.

You can also check out current photos of Judge Hodgman’s former workplace, the Jeroboams on Bute Street (as discussed in the docket), sent in by listener Gabriella. Thanks, Gabriella!

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