Episode 491: RERUN Die Flederhaus

Episode 491

4th November 2020

Noah and Adam have a bat problem, and they can’t agree on how to handle it. Should they run away screaming, or toughen up when a bat comes their way?

Episode notes

CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains an extremely brief mention of SARS and respiratory disease from 17:40-18:32.

This week we are revisiting a courtroom classic with a rerun of the beloved BAT BROTHERS episode!

Brothers Adam and Noah share a home bought out of foreclosure. They are slowly fixing up the house together and the monthly payment is cheap, but it comes at a cost: bats! The webbed-winged creatures seem to be entering the house through the cracks in the unfinished roof o  the bathroom. Animal-lover Noah is spooked by their presence, but would rather keep the bats confined to the bathroom than see them come to harm. His brother Adam meanwhile has a lust for blood matched only by vampire bats, and would like his brother to join him in beating them to death. Should the brothers run in fear, or face their phobias head-on? And just what is the solution to this flying mammal mess? ONLY ONE CAN DECIDE!

For an update on the Bat Brothers, listen to our follow-up interview, conducted in December 2013. And make sure to follow Bat Brother Noah on Instagram!


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