Episode 20: The Fire that Engulfs the Woods

Episode 20

15th February 2014

Beth Stelling, Matt Braunger, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Thom Tuck join host Dave Holmes to fight for the title of “Greatest country in the world, this week”.

Episode notes

Dave Holmes is joined by Margaret Cabourn-Smith & Thom Tuck for Team UK and Beth Stelling & Matt Braunger for Team USA.

Matt’s podcast is Ding-Dinger with Matt Braunger.
Margaret’s podcast is Do the Right Thing
And the brilliant Patrick Stewart YouTube clip is here.

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In this episode...


  • Matt Braunger
  • Beth Stelling
  • Margaret Cabourn-Smith
  • Thom Tuck

About the show

International Waters is a pop culture comedy quiz show where land laws do not apply. Join host Dave Holmes and competing teams of world-famous comedians from the US and UK in a hilarious and lively test of pop culture knowledge (and the ability to make up baloney when that knowledge fails). It’s part panel show, part trivia quiz and all laughs. It’s also a little embarrassed it wrote that last sentence.


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