427: Disclosure, with Meredith Scardino

Episode 427

22nd June 2024

Girls5Eva creator Meredith Scardino joins us to discuss the bizarre “reverse harassment” 90’s thriller Disclosure.

Episode notes

We were super-excited to welcome Meredith Scardino, the brilliant writer of a billion comedy things, but most recently the creator and showrunner of the hilarious Girls5Eva. If you haven’t watched, please ask yourself what you’ve been doing with your life, then run over to Netflix to correct your error. We’ll wait. Once you’re done, you’ll be all the MORE excited to hear her discuss 1994’s Disclosure, a film that (in the words of Dan’s Letterboxd) “Begins as a dumb and offensive sexual harassment thriller, then wisely pivots into an offensively dumb techno-thriller.” But what do the other Peaches think? Listen and find out!

Also, this episode is about a film featuring the iconic Donald Sutherland, who was still with us at the time of this recording, but who died just recently at the age of 88. We had nothing but good things to say about Mr. Sutherland, even in this silly movie, but for a more full-throated and lovely remembrance, check out this article by the great Matt Zoller Seitz.

Disclaimer: we had some unfortunate tech issues at the top of the show, resulting in some worse than normal audio. DO NOT FRET — it clears up around minute 12, and producer Alex made it listenable, if not up to our usual standard. We’ve gotten some new equipment that will prevent similar issues in the future.

Wikipedia page for Disclosure

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