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We were so happy when we learned that Linda Holmes was a fan of the show, and even HAPPIER to get her on an episode! Were we equally happy to watch Baby Geniuses? Well… you know… You can’t always be happy all the time. Once you learn that, then YOU will be the true baby genius.

This is the FINAL WEEKEND you can watch our SPEED 2 live show, VOD, before it goes away on Sunday, May 19 at 11:59PM ET! But if you prefer your live shows really live, there’s still stuff coming up! We’ve got some May shows for you, in Oxford, England, as well as one a July appearance in Boston!

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Recommended in this episode:

Ratcatcher (1999)

Challengers (2024)

Being Two Isn’t Easy (1962)

Body Heat (1981)

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  • Linda Holmes

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The Flop House is a bimonthly audio podcast devoted to the worst in recent film. Your hosts (Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington) watch a questionable film just before each episode, and then engage in an unscripted, slightly inebriated discussion, focusing on the movie’s shortcomings and occasional delights.

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