Grab Me By The Stem: The Wine Episode (ft. Leslie Jones)

Episode 153

19th January 2023

We’re outsideee! Recording on location from Inglewood’s one and only Black Owned wine bar, 1010Wine, Tre’Vell and jarett got to have a wine down with co – founder Leslie Jones about the company and all things bougee.

Episode notes

Just because only one percent of the eleven-thousand wineries in the U.S. are Black-owned, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. To get proof, they left their homes and tracked down an expert–Leslie Jones, co-owner of Inglewood’s first and only wine bar, 1010 Wine. Thanks to their tireless reporting, jarrett and Tre’vell were able to get their hands–and mouths–on numerous glasses of wine from actual Black-owned wineries. Along the way, they learned about pushy wine reps, why it’s better to hold the stem than the bowl, and what inspires someone to open the first wine bar in Inglewood.

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Celebrating Black History Month early with her products at Target! 

DM: LAPD for the murder of Keenan Anderson

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