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FANTI favorites Shar Jossell and Ryan Mitchell join jarrett and Tre’vell to talk Daytime TV. With veterans Ellen DeGeneres and Maury Povich being replaced by Jennifer Hudson and Karamo Brown respectively, the daytime airwaves are definitely Blacker, but are they better?  Or do new hosts Karamo, J Hud and Sherri Shepherd need to find ways to make these shows their own so they don’t feel so…derivative? This week’s panel doesn’t hold back, so strap in.

Pass the Popcorn

Grio Opinion: Why Are So Many Black People bothered by the new Black majorette squad at USC?

The panel digs into why Black Twitter feels a way about The University of Southern California’s new majorette squad, The Cardinal Divas.


Daytime TV Shows discussed

The Jennifer Hudson Show,



Tamron Hall Show


Daytime TV Clips featured in the episode

Jennifer Hudson singing

Karamo body positivity message

DIS/Honorable Mentions 


DM: sketchy “Christians”


HM: Megan Thee Stallion

DM: Erick Adame



Taj Rani’s That’s That on That post on Black Olympic swimming medalist Cullen Jones


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  • Shar Jossell
  • Ryan Mitchell

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Sometimes the people, places, and things we love don’t love us back. We’re fans, but we also have some ANTI- feelings toward them. Every week on FANTI, journalists Tre’vell Anderson and jarrett hill bring their pop culture and political expertise to things we must stan and stand up against. FANTI is a place where nuance reigns supreme with energetic, complicated, and sometimes difficult conversations that bring deep knowledge and thoughtful perspective to the things we love and rage about, from the White House to the Real House(wives).


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