Discover: The Creatures of Bubble

So you know when it's time to use Huntr

Posted by Stacey Molski on 24th October 2018. 5 minute read

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Here in Fairhaven, we don’t need to worry (too much) about the malevolent brush imps that surround us. But, for those of you who want to know a little more about the creatures that inhabit the unspeakable wasteland outside our protective Bubble, we’ve put together this brief guide.


Common Brush Imp


About the size of a monkey with long bat-like wings, sharp teeth, claws, and a tail, the common brush imp has been known to target prey by picking up on motion and the pheromones released in sweat. Common modes of attack include face-latching while making truly awful demonic sounds. When injured, it bleeds a poisonous orange-ish slime, conveniently useful for crafting into a drug favored by scumbags.

Furry Brush Imp


Similar to the common brush imp in size and ferocity, the furry brush imp has bat-like wings, but they – like the rest of its body – are covered in dense fur. Though it is winged, it does not rely on flight for movement and is equally comfortable on land as it is in the air. The furry brush imp is deceptively small, leading some to underestimate its lethality. When provoked, this imp is capable of remarkable feats of strength and doubling the size of its razor-sharp claws.

Pod Imp


Like the Furry Brush Imp, the Pod Imp may instill a false sense of security in those who encounter it; for much of its life-cycle, it appears to be nothing more than a strange pulsating pod – until it is ready to attack. Few have witnessed the transformation from pod to predator and lived to tell the tale, but the best accounts we have suggest that the imp unfurls like a giant, horrid pill bug with wings, growling and shrieking all the while. Using its tail to deflect attacks, the pod imp is skilled in aerial evasive maneuvers and will take advantage of any distraction to dominate or escape its opponent.

Spike-tailed Imp

Reptilian (A Bad Kind)

Often found in leafy environs, the spike-tailed imp resembles a nightmarish cross between a flying squirrel and a chameleon. Its large flat tail is covered in barbs, which aid its climbing, but certainly do not slow it down on land. The spike-tailed imp is quick and tenacious. It is drawn – inexplicably – to the scent of cocoa. The only strategy to escape an encounter with this imp alive is to somehow neutralize its fearsome tail. Even with this accomplished, its fearsome claws remain extremely dangerous.

Queen Bee Imp


Constantly surrounded by a humming swarm of drones, the Queen Bee Imp is always on the quest to expand the collective and is naturally drawn towards social groups with pre-existing strong ties (consider it a kind of one-stop shopping). New members of the hive can be assimilated through ingestion of the gloop expelled by the Queen Bee Imp. If ingestion does not occur naturally, the collective can emit a blast of green energy to draw a victim near in order to encompass them in a green bilious cloud. Members of the Queen Bee Imp’s collective can be identified by their glowing light and ability to hover just above the ground. The hive will disband its tight formation to gain the upper hand in an attack, but will always rejoin. Contrary to popular belief, the Queen Bee Imp does not require guac. It requires only nutrition and expansion.

Book Club






Squirmp, the Worm-Sage


In this economy, everyone needs a roommate. Even Squirmp, the Worm-Sage – a toddler-sized Brush-born worm with many, many ideas about how the way the world will end. Squirmp prefers to keep his living space dark, dank, and damp. A classic night-owl (worm), Squirmp largely keeps to himself behind his secret wall, but you’ll know when he’s ready for some roomie bonding time when the walls rumble and lights flicker. When that happens, get ready for some wacky predictions! His soft, high-pitched voice makes his eerie, yet wildly inconsistent, end-times prophecies kind of cute. He hates that.

Doom Squid


Equal parts adorable and slimy, Doom Squids are dry-land mollusks notable for their ability to produce an extremely powerful endorphin known as indifferentol. In humans, this compound creates a sense of indifference and peacefulness, and can be used to relieve anxiety. Life being what it is, demand for indifferentol has led to an illicit trade in Doom Squids in the seamier corners of Fairhaven. Some have even claimed that Doom Squids can be induced into long-term symbiotic relationships with select humans, though this is, so far, unconfirmed.

Slimy Imps


Slimy Imps usually travel in packs, looking for their next victim, whether they need to feed or not. These creatures hunt for fun. They have stout bodies with short legs, with long arms that are prepared to strike at a moment’s notice. These snarling monsters can be trained to follow an alpha leader, and are particularly imposing when working in concert. When given the command to attack, Slimy Imps contort their expressive, rubbery faces to reveal razor-sharp teeth, and can move swiftly to immobilize victims. If confronted with a swarm of these creatures, it’s best to have backup.