A Note from Producer Casey

Posted by Casey O'Brien on 13th April 2021

Hi everyone,

The mission of this podcast has always been to highlight marginalized voices in the film industry, as part of a movement towards justice and equity. We have tried our very best to give a new perspective on film criticism and, in so doing, be a positive beacon in an often very dark world. Which is why we are announcing that our show will no longer be named Who Shot Ya?

We’ve been wanting to make this change for a long time. In fact, last week we were discussing how our audience can help us pick the new name. But out of a multitude of possible breaking points over the last year, this was the one that broke us. We could no longer, in good conscience, put out a show that could be misconstrued as making light of gun violence. We wish we had another name for you right now but we don’t. But we’ll be looking for your help in renaming the show real soon.

For now, we will be referring to the podcast as The Untitled Ify, Drea, and Alonso Project. As of this week, our show will be removing all gun imagery from its name and logo. This was a decision that Ify, Drea, Alonso, me (producer Casey), and everyone at Maximum Fun came to mutually.

I want to personally thank all the supporters of our show. You, as much as anybody who works on this podcast, help define this community. Honestly, you could not find a kinder, more intelligent, and more thoughtful group of people. We want to make a show that you’re proud of supporting, and changing the name is a part of that.