Casey O'Brien

Originally from Minneapolis, Casey O'Brien moved out to Los Angeles in 2006 to attend Loyola Marymount University’s prestigious School of Film and Television. He graduated with a degree in Film Production in 2010 and spent the next several years working as a freelance director, actor, barista, and preschool teacher. His short film, Pie Fidelity, screened at Cinefamily in 2014. And his other short film, Voicemails, screened at Non-Plussed Fest in 2016. He spends most of his time crying over the terrible Minnesota Vikings, eating fast food, and wishing he was taller. Once in awhile he will play in the now defunct punk band, The Popular Kids. He likes coffee, twinkies, and Q-tips.

He can be reached at or 213-529-4059.