CIPYD 35: Veronica Belmont and Jesse Thorn

Veronica Belmont
Jesse Thorn

Hello friends! It's Week 2 of MaxFunDrive and oh boy are we happy to see you! We have put together an AMAZING show for you this week! First, hear Renee's harrowing babysitting tale in Dogs We Met (BABYSAT!) This Week! (Warning, it gets a little gross!) Then, learn a lot about Beagles and a little 'bout Snoopy in this week's Mutt Minute! We have an INCREDIBLE interview with internet superstar Veronica Belmont! She tells us all about her amazing dog Bodega and surprises us with her incredible and surprising dog activity! Then, a SECOND INTERVIEW with MaxFun founder and podcast guru Jesse Thorn! Like we said, this week's episode is amazing! And don't forget to support CIPYD in the MaxFunDrive!