CIPYD 32: Julie Falatko and Chihuahua Chair Lift

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Julie Falatko

It's a beautiful day here in Los Angeles, but more importantly... WE MET FOUR DOGS THIS WEEK! FOUR! And we're gonna tell you all about them in Dogs We Met This Week. We'll also tell you all the info about Pomeranians we can fit in 60 seconds (and a little more) in Mutt Minute! We are so excited to be joined by author Julie Falatko to learn about her dog WHO WE'VE TALKED ABOUT BEFORE! Finally, learn all about a program helping find homes for Chihuahua across the country!


im from MN and they actually

im from MN and they actually have basically an "underground railroad" bringing dogs up from the south to MN/WI because they are more adoptable, and we have way more no kill shelters. Chihuahuas have a hard time here because of the cold and snow so they always have lots of sweaters!

do a segment on the "underground railroad" of dogs!