CIPYD 31: Amy Paffrath and Dog Dancing

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Amy Paffrath

Hey there friends! It's time once again! Time for a whole 50ish minute conversation all about dogs! Learn about Dogs We Me This Week and the fact that Travis believes all Basset Hounds are old! Allegra gets TWO MINUTES in this week's Mutt Minute to tell us all about Pit Bulls, or should we say "Gooble Terriers"? We are so excited to be joined by the amazing Amy Paffrath to hear all about her dogs and be blown away by her dog naming skills! Finally, Allegra has only recently been made aware of Dog Dancing competitions and we are all 100% on board! If you enjoy this episode, be sure to tell a friend!


High energy and lots of fun

Wow! You dog lovers keep the volume cranked up to MAX -- and that's a good thing. Your enthusiasm is catching; will like your FB page and check you out every Tuesday.
John Emmerling