CIPYD 24: Tess Barker and Little Penguin Dogs

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Tess Barker

Happy New Year friends! 2016 is off to a rip roaring start so we thought we'd celebrate with another great episode! Allegra and Renee tempted some dogs with purse food in Dogs We Met. In Mutt Minute, Renee tells us all about the Dachshund and some incredible Wiener Dog Facts! Tess Barker (Author, Comedian, Host of Lady to Lady) joins us to tell us about her dogs and her amazing match-making skills! Finally, Allegra tells us all about some amazing dogs protecting some amazing Penguins! And did we mention: IT'S ALLEGRA'S BIRTHDAY!


DACS dog name!

My friend has a dog named DACS, but he is named after this: (And we live in NC, so I don't think it's the dog you met. But I would love it so much if there were TWO dogs named after archival content standards!)