CIPYD 23: New Year's Resolutions

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Well friends, things are a little rough health-wise over here at CIPYD HQ! Don't worry, we didn't let it stop us from bringing you a brand new episode! On this episode, Renee tells us about a very special dog she met over the holidays. Allegra teaches us about Giant Schnauzers in this week's Mutt Minute. Renee, Allegra and Travis share their dogs' New Year's Resolutions! Finally, Allegra tells us about a brand new "dog collecting" game in Dog Tech! Don't mind the coughing, enjoy the episode!


Iffy origins of the dog collecting game

Not to ruin the fun, but it seems like Boku to Wanko (the dog collecting version of Neko Atsume) may be a rip off of the original:

It looks like the dog version was made by a different company that simply lifted the ideas and animations from the creators of the original game...screams a bit of plagiarism to me. =\