"Mayne Street"


Here's an episode of our pal Kenny Mayne's new web series Mayne Street, recommended by our other pal Brian Stack in the comedy video links post on the forum. Besides Mayne, it features Stack's hilarious wife Miriam Tolan, Jon Glaser and Jordan Carlos, among others. I've watched several episodes of the series and enjoyed them all.

Speaking of sports humor... I've been hesitant to embed any episodes of the Sklar brothers' very funny series Back On Topps because it has a lot of product placement and brand integration, and as you may know, I hate that shit. Besides the (hilarious as always) Sklars, that show features our pal Janet Varney and Brian Huskey from The Naked Babies, who are hilarious as well. Also: sports stars. Anyway, if you don't mind characters occaisionally waxing rhapsodic about their phone service for five or ten seconds (oh, and a premise driven by a brand), you can find that show here. It's also really funny.


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Product placement can be entirely forgiven if it's dealt with in a funny way. Look at The Office. How many Staples references have they made over the years?And Back On Topps, well, they skyped with Greg Oden and told him to retire in his rookie year so they could make a joint Rookie/Retirement trading card to save their jobs.

How can you talk about funny product placement and not mention 30 rock?Absolute kings.

You can also subscribe to Mayne Street in iTunes, if that's your favorite method (it's mine, since my work firewall blocks everything else). Here's the link for that: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=296393958