Photos from Seattle Sketchfest


Thomas Hayden of Immersive Media was kind enough to share these photos he shot of TSOYA Live! in Seattle this past weekend. Look for the show on the podcast in a few weeks.

Hey! That's me!
That guy's Dan Savage! I'm still me!
Peter Rothbart from Found Magazine
Nice boots, me.
There's Peter again!


You guys can't tell from the pictures but there are literally tens of hipsters in the crowd. Seriously thought great show Jesse!

Hey Jesse and Framedogg,I totally would have been there, but I recently moved from Seattle to Austin, TX. I moved just before Bumbershoot, so I missed both of your Seattle shows - damn, damn, damn! Come to Austin!-ReidJ longtime listener and donor

Who made the fanciful desk? Very rustic!Jesse, I am pitching reasons to bring you up to Calgary to everyone I know who may have programming, budget and moxie. If you get a nibble from Sled Island Music Festival - that's my doing.