I'm scared of the new David Simon series.


The new mini-series from David Simon, creator of The Wire, premiers on HBO July 13th. It's called "Generation Kill," and it tracks a group of marines through the first 40 days of the invasion of Iraq.

I am terrified to watch this show.

There are only two possible outcomes:

1) It is not as good as The Wire, and thus is a terrible dissapointment.
2) It is as good as The Wire, and what little is left of my soul is crushed.


Have you even made it through season 4 of the wire yet, Jesse?

Aww...it'll be okay little buddy. We all know you're sensitive. You shouldn't care what the other boys say! I like you for who you are.

Look at it this way, Jesse. Your soul is bound to be crushed eventually anyway, so you might as well have it crushed by a really good TV show.

It's very hard to imagine that it could be nearly as good as The Wire.Any such expectations of anything are bound to lead to a long life of constant disappointment.

even The Wire isnt as good as The Wire. i rewatched the whole thing recently and the each season is less good than the previous one. that first season is probably the greatest programming ever on TV, except of course the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer 6pm weeknights on your local PBS station.